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Languages are who I am

I'm not sure how everyone discovers what they're good at - I guess it's by luck or chance. As for languages, I don't know if you really need to be a natural-born talent: it's the passion and practice that makes us talented. But let's start from the beginning... ENGLISH My middle school English teacher taught us… Continue reading Languages are who I am

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Life in Norway

Last October I moved to Sandefjord, a city in the Vestfold county, in Southern Norway - the red one on the map. It's not so far away from Oslo, the "happy center". Yet, I would never relocate (again) to a large city: Frankfurt taught me that to be happy I need a compromise between a… Continue reading Life in Norway

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Everyone heals in a different way

After a lot of thinking, tears and goodbyes, last October I finally moved to Norway. It should've happened after my graduation in February, but the pandemic changed my plans as well. It turned out to be better like this - I had the chance to enjoy my dad's last months. In the midst of so… Continue reading Everyone heals in a different way

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The “saints” are coming

I read about white saviorism a while ago and now I can't take it off my mind - probably no one would have ever taught me or told me about it: I would have never known except by chance. Why? Because I'm Caucasian, thus privileged by definition. I'm really not pointing fingers - as a… Continue reading The “saints” are coming

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Life is what happens while you’re busy being anxious

Last August, after a year in Frankfurt that didn't turn out well, I went back to Sicily, but life didn't seem to get back on track: I began having trouble breathing and figured it was asthma. I couldn't sleep at night either though because my thoughts gave me no rest. Occasionally, when I managed to… Continue reading Life is what happens while you’re busy being anxious

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The Kurds: Warriors out of necessity

Diyar, like Kurdish people in general, is incredibly brave and strong. Kurds are literally the best, the most generous and hospitable people I've ever met in my life and I'm not the only one to think that. In his graphic novel Kobane calling, Zerocalcare, one of the best comic book illustrators in Italy, wrote: "When… Continue reading The Kurds: Warriors out of necessity

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What if it really is a bad study abroad experience?

Man did I miss this blog! I re-read all of my Bochum posts and they made me so nostalgic! The way I described my exchange student life - including details I had removed completely from my mind - was so enthusiastic and has nothing to do my second Erasmus - but it doesn't mean it's… Continue reading What if it really is a bad study abroad experience?

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One love, two countries

There's no sugar-coating this: No long-distance relationship in the history of long-distance relationships (hereafter referred to as LDR) has ever been easy. They are exhausting and emotionally challenging. Solving problems when you're miles away is never a piece of cake either, not to mention how your body can physically hurt from missing another person so… Continue reading One love, two countries

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We are here

August 13th, 2018 Munich International Airport I'm here, sitting at the airport, exhausted, overjoyed but with swollen eyes because I've cried too much but at the same time I'm impatient for other adventures to begin. I will break my rule and am gonna write a post about a project immediately after its end. This time… Continue reading We are here